In the current age that we live in, despite being our best selves, it is evident that there is evil in the world. In order to deal with the bad things in life, one should be equipped with the best possible skills to defend one’s self. Most of the time, parents do everything right; they do everything they possibly can for their kids, and yet, something, somewhere leads to bullying that’s where you need to know BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU IS GOOD FOR KIDS.

Bullying is a problem that most of us have faced in our times, and we should make sure that our kids are equipped to deal with the situation without anyone getting hurt. Many parents come up to me and ask “whether Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is good for kids?” or “if there are different types of kid Jiu-Jitsu?” If you have your reservations against the art but have come here with an open mind, then this article will definitely present you with the rationality that will surely change your mind.

1.     Respect:

The first thing that a child learns in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes is respect. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu code takes self-growth and self-defense hand in hand. The child is taught not only to demand respect but also to give respect in return. The philosophy of Jiu-Jitsu relies on respect for other human life and wellbeing, without any prejudice of what the person may be like. In case of a bully, the children are taught to assert themselves verbally, and if it doesn’t neutralize the situation they need to tackle and the bully (without hurting him/her) till help arrives. Hence the children are first and foremost taught to respect others.

2.     Discipline:

Secondly, children also learn about discipline. As fun as learning the art may be, regularity and consistency are also integral to the efficiency of the art. As the children come day after day and learn the same techniques until they master them, they learn discipline in the process.  Not only does it incorporate discipline, but it also instills work ethic. 

3.     Confidence:

Another thing that children normally gain as a product of learning jiu-jitsu is confidence. The knowledge that no one can hurt them instills in them the confidence to carry themselves in society without fearing other evils. This also seeps into other parts of their lives and has a positive influence on how these children perceive life.

4.     Ability to defend one’s self:

Learning Jiu-Jitsu also enables the kids to defend themselves in certain situations. Mainly the kids are taught to deal with advances that are made by anyone without their consent. However, in doing so, the child is first trained to deal with the situation without hurting the next person by asserting themselves verbally. If that doesn’t pan out, the child is trained to pacify the situation and take control until some adult shows up.

5.     Ability to defend others:

Once a child is confident enough to stand up for him/herself, the child is then capable of defending others that might need their help. In doing so, you make your child a little superhero. There are many success stories in which parent visit the instructor, and tell that the child stood up to a bully for someone else. In many cases, the bully is even twice the size of the kid that takes him out.

6.     Responsibility:

If you’ve seen Spiderman then you know “with great power comes great responsibility”. Once the child knows how to take care of him/herself, the child is then taught how to use the newly learnt technique responsibly, and only when necessary. It is only when the child becomes aware of the power that he holds that he sees the way the power is to be used. In order to incorporate responsible behaviours, the children get advance level bands or patches only when they show that they are up to the mark.

7.     Heightened awareness of surrounding:

The art of Jiu-Jitsu also incorporates within it the art of mindfulness. Therefore the child is taught to be mindful of his surrounding at all times, so that no one is able to take advantage of their gullibility. Jiu-Jitsu incorporates within you the ability to predict the actions in your surroundings and act timely. It teaches you how to defend yourself by predicting the movement of the perpetrator. In the long run, it also affects the way that your child thinks. It promotes critical and cautious thinking.

8.     Better coordination:

Jiu-Jitsu also incorporates within a child the ability to coordinate him/ herself in a better manner. The child not only becomes more aware of his surrounding but also of himself. As each move requires precision and practice the child, when instilled with confidence, takes more calculated and stable steps in life and in the field.

9.     Citizenship:

The art also instills within the child to know that he or she has to become a responsible and active member of society. A student of the respective art is taught to be thoughtful of others, and respect everyone equally. Even in case of a bad encounter, the child is taught to think of the action as a bad action, but respect the person responsible.

10.Positive activity:

Last but not least, it is a positive way to ensure wellbeing if your child and know that he is engaging in a healthy activity. Children are filled with energy, and if they’re not given a proper way to channel that energy, children look for alternative ways or start acting rashly at home. Jiu-Jitsu is a positive and healthy way to engage your children in an activity that will benefit them in almost every aspect of life.

If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned information, you now know the benefits that Jiu-Jitsu entails for kids. While many parents are often unsure about equipping their child with the ability to fight and think is jiu-jitsu safe for kids? The answer is yes. While keeping their concern in mind, I suggest that you equip your child with the necessary means to defend themselves and start looking for jiu-jitsu classes for kids in your vicinity. Any child above the age of five can start learning Jiu-Jitsu, try not to be late. While the parental concern is rightly so, the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is mainly used to neutralize the situation. The art also teaches the above-mentioned attribute, which makes sure that your child doesn’t hurt himself or his opponent; rather it is a way to take care of the situation until help arrives. With the hope that the above-mentioned information has changed your mind, I bid you farewell and hope you and your kids always stay safe.